Back Abdominal Crunch exercise  


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  1. Use a mat to feel comfort and lie down on it with your back on the floor.

    Bend your knees like a curve angle and keep your feet flat on the floor.

  2. Place your hands on top of your chest or else place it behind your head or neck. In case if you tend to pull your head or neck up during the exercise, then it may pace additional strain on the backbone.

  3. Bend your body to raise your shoulders towards the direction of your knees.   In order to avoid back strain please do not to raise your entire back off the floor. In case if your neck feels strained, you can keep your one hand behind your head for support.


  • Abdominal crunch is one of the most important and basic exercises that helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and also helps to prevent lower back pain or strain.
  • While doing an abdominal crunch, please maintain a proper form in order to avoid injury. Also to avoid strain you must not bend your neck.
  • Keep your movements slow, do not perform so many crunches at once as it may cause injury, it applies to a famous saying, Too much of everything is not good for nothing.
  • Perform 10-15 repetitions with correct form for each rep.
  • Main muscles targeted
    • rectus abdominis (front abdominal muscles)
    • Obliques (side abdominals)



  • Abdominal crunches are very easy and most effective exercise to create a flat stomach and to strengthen your muscles.
  • Doing Abdominal crunches on the mat or carpet will give you a soft effect on your heaps and back.
  • If you wish to get six pack abs,  you should do abdominal crunches and also do some cardio exercise.
  • While doing Abdominal crunch, keep your lower back straightly and always in touch with your floor mat. 



  • Doing many crunches at once may cause you injury. Five to ten times crunches are enough for beginners. one may increase after a few days.
  • Raising your back from the floor mat will not bring you fruitful results.




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