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  1. Lie on the spherical surface of the ball with your lower back, hence it should appear like your lower back is pressing the ball. Bent your knee and press your feet against the floor. Your upper part of the body should look like you are hanging off the top of the ball. Cross your arms on top of your chest or else keep them alongside the body, and then lower your trunk of the body into stretch position without moving your neck all the times. And then keep your neck and head flat along with your body.

  2. Without moving the hips, press the ball with your lower back and move your head in upward direction. And just keep your hands crossed as they were in the first step. Your lower back should always be attached to the ball. Repeat it form starting position for the number of recommended reps.


  • While performing ball crunches, proper form is very important to avoid injury.
  • If you do this exercise properly for 12 sets, you can feel affect in your abdominal muscles.
  • If you have a neck problem, then you must perform it very slowly and carefully.
  • Keep a bigger size ball for performing this exercise.
  • Targeted Muscles
    • Rectus Abdominis
    • Other info:
      • Level type: Beginner
      • Mechanics Type: Isolation
      • Force type: pull


  • To make this exercise heavier, you can carry heavy materials such as a dumbbell or weight plate on top of your chest.
  • If you feel difficult to balance, please keep support for the beginning.



  • As a beginner, you should perform ball crunches exercise slowly and deliberately. Do not use weight the first time.
  • People with neck problem should perform this exercise very carefully.


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