Back Ball Pass exercise  


Step 1Step 1 for exercise Ball PassStep 2Step 2 for exercise Ball Pass

  1. Stand with your partner in an opposite direction with back touching. Hold your ball with both hand, and be ready to pass it any side.

  2. Your friend will receive the ball from his both hand. Similarly he will also do the same steps. Continue these steps for the required number of repetitions.



  • Ball pass exercise is an effective exercise to improve your posture and to get a perfect six pack for you
  • Main Muscles Targeted
    • Deep abdominal muscles 
    •  Internal and external oblique’s



  • To make this exercise advance, you can use weight.
  • Select a partner whose height match with your height, it will help to pass the ball without bending.



  • Keep your body straight, do not touch your body completely with your partner.
  • Pass or receive the ball gently. Your top part of body must turn to pass ball.

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