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  1. Stand straight and separate your feet width apart and keep your toes out just a little bit.

  2. Forward your lower legs slightly and slowly squat down your body until your thighs go parallel to the floor.  Gently press your feet and return your body to the starting position. Exhale as you stand.


  • Body weight squat is a great exercise which targets your abs, hips, legs calves, and thighs.
  • During Bodyweight squat, your body automatically functions your abs, hips, legs muscles while getting up and down from the seated position.
  • Helps to increase the flexibility in the ankle and in the hips area. Very soon, You will find the effect in that area.


  • Stand straight, take breath up and looking forward when going two seconds down by bringing arms in front and two seconds back up.
  • You can also perform from sides with the same position and same steps.
  • Check your legs are nice in line. Also, make sure your back is straight.


  • Don’t let your knees to be so close or more separated from each other they should be in the same position straight.
  • Do not crutch you back over while performing this exercise.
  • As you go down do not lift your feet up, if you do so then you may go off balance and you are not going to take advantage of Body squat exercise.

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