Back Leg Raise exercise  

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  1. Lie flat on your back, stretch your legs in front of you. And put your hands straight on your side. You can use a carpet or a mat for comfort.

  2. Slowly raise your legs in an upward direction by pointing to the ceiling, and put your hands on your side. Afterward slowly raise your legs back to the floor.

  • Leg raise is an easy and great exercise for strengthening your abdominal muscles. Do this exercise (Leg raise) regularly to get good abs. This exercise can do many wonders for your major or minor muscles groups. If you do this exercise daily, you will get excellent results.
  • You can use carpet or yoga mat to feel comfortable while doing this exercise. Better will be if you use a flat bench. But be sure to do this exercise properly and regularly.
  • Keep your thighs perpendicular to your body while raised your legs towards celling.
  • You can press your palm on the floor as a medium of support for raising your legs. And also keep your lower back attached to the floor.
  • People having lower back problems are not encouraged to perform this exercise.  
  • Main muscles targeted
    • abdominal rectus (front abdominal muscles) 
  • Additional main muscles
    • Hip flexors
    • Internal and external obliques.

  • Keep your abs tight and keep your back flat with the floor.
  • To feel more comfortable you can fold a towel and lie on it.
  • To make your exercise advance, hold a weight (e.g. football, basketball) between your feet while performing this exercise.
  • Do it regularly and follow these instructions properly.
  •  Consult for medical help in case if you begin to feel unconscious.

  • When you are lifting any weight between your feet, be sure that you can be holding it correctly.
  • Do not put your head off from the ceiling.
  • Stop doing this exercise, if you begin to feel faint.

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