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  1. Stand on your feet with your knees slightly bend, flex over the bar with your back straight almost parallel to the floor. Position the bar properly just above your knee.

  2. Pull the bar towards your upper waist. And then slowly allow your bar to move back to the original position. While performing this step, you can see that your shoulders stretched downwards.


  • Bent over row is an easy and great exercise for strengthening your back muscles. This exercise can do many wonders for your major or minor muscles groups. If you perform this exercise daily, you will get excellent results.
  • In this exercise, you have to bend your hips not the wrists or neck. You should perform this exercise very carefully especially if you have back pain or neck problems.
  • Organs which are involved in this exercise are: Infraspinatus, Posterior, Trapezius, Middle Trapezius, Lower Rhomboids, Teres Major, Deltoid,  Pectoralis Major, Sternal
  • Stabilizers include Hamstrings Gluteus Maximus Adductor Magnus.
  • Main muscles targeted:
    • Latissimus Dorsi, rhomboids  (Back muscles)



  • You can perform this exercise if you have a strong back. You have to maintain the regularity while performing this exercise, also you have to follow the strict timetable of your diet to earn benefits from this exercise.
  • You should also maintain the balance of weight, you should not jump directly to heavyweight. Try to take advice from experience trainer.
  • You need to wear a lifting belt in order to avoid unnecessary strain on your lower back.



  • Do not try this exercise if you have back or neck problems.
  • Do not try to rotate your torso in order to gain weight up.
  • Do not directly jump to the higher weight.
  • Do not perform this exercise continuously, you must take rest in between your exercise.

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