Back Hyper Back Extension exercise  

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  1. Place your thigh on the large pad and adjust the padding brace in such a way that your lower legs lie on it. In the starting position, keep your body straight and flat, cross your arms in front of the chest or behind your head.

  2. Slowly bend your body and tilt your torso in a downward direction by keeping your back flat. After this, once you feel your body is stretching then slowly take back your torso to the original position.

  • Hyper back extension exercise is great for your lower back, mid and upper back. Back extension method is used to perform this exercise, using Hyperextension bench equipment. You can also perform this exercise without using any equipment, this exercise is called bird dog exercise. This exercise can be performed by raising one arm and the opposite leg at once, then release.
  • Basic Info
    • Utility: Basic or auxiliary
  • Type
    • Strength
  • Mechanics Type
    • Isolation
  • Main Muscles worked
    • Lower back, other muscles: Hamstrings and gluts
  • Main Muscles targeted
    •  Erector Spinae

  • You can use different angled Hyperextension Machines to perform Hyper Back Extension exercise.
  • You can place the hand behind your head for a greater challenge.
  • For more advanced you can hold a weight at your chest level.
  • Repeat Hyper Back Extension exercise for 10-15 repetitions with correct form for each rep.

  • Do not perform Hyper Back Extension exercise if you have back pain.
  • Do not move your torso in order to protect the back from injury.
  • Avoid your desire to round your spine while performing Hyper Back Extension exercise.
  • Do not directly jump to advance step, start from beginner level.

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