Back Lateral Pull exercise  


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  1. Be seated on a pull-down machine and adjust the pad of the machine according to your height, grip the bar with your palm tightly.

  2. Pull the bar down to you, pull it until it touches your upper chest. In this stage your elbows should be pulled back, hold the bar for a second before releasing to the original position.


  • Lateral pull gives you several advantage, this exercise not only strengthen your back muscles but also the biceps, forearms, grip muscles.
  • Lateral pull down exercise movement is same as pull-up exercise, instead of using body weight we use pulley machine in lateral pull down exercise.
  • While pulling the cable bar down, make sure that you pull it in front of your head instead of pulling it behind your head.
  • To make this exercise difficult, you can bring your grip to more narrow position. In this way you may require to put more force to pull down the pulley bar.



  • People with neck, elbow, and back problems should be very careful while doing this exercise.
  • Do not do quicken this exercise, take rest in between sets in order to refresh yourself for the next repetitions.
  • Main muscles targeted:
    • Back
  • Muscles involved/worked
    • Trapezius , Latissimus Dorsi, Biceps Brachii, shoulders(deltoids)  



  • Do not pull down pulley behind your head.
  • Do not lift from your seat, while performing this exercise.
  • Do not leave the bar of pulley quickly from your grip after pulling it down.
  •  Do not perform this exercise if you have problem in your hand.

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