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  1. Stand in front of the bench, place your left knee on the bench, and hold the dumbbell with your left hand while keeping your lower back straight. Pull your back forward so that your back is naturally arched and parallel to the ceiling.

  2. Pull the dumbbell in an upward direction with your right hand, pull it as high as you can. While pulling the dumbbell in an upwards direction nearer to your chest, you will feel a stretch in your back.


  • One arm dumbbell row is a most effective exercise to strengthen your lower and center muscles.
  • In this exercise, only your arms should be moving and your upper body should stay in one position.
  • To make this exercise easier you can decrease the weight of the dumbbell.
  • Main muscle targeted
    • Back muscles (latissimus dorsi, upper trapezius & rhomboids)


  • While performing this exercise, your upper body should be parallel to the ceiling.
  • To make this exercise arduous, you can increase the weight of the dumbbell that you use.
  • Keep your back tight while performing this exercise, this will help you to perform this exercise easily.
  • You can look up and forward rather than down, this will ensure you that you are not hunched.
  • Your upper body should remain in the same position, only your arm should move.


  • Do not perform this exercise incorrectly, potential back injury may occur. Make your back straight all the time.
  • Never place your knee on the edge of the bench, always place it in middle. You could get hurt if your knee slips from the edge of the bench.
  • Do not bend your neck while performing this exercise. Keep your neck, head, and back straight all the time.

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