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  1. Stand straight with shoulder width apart and barbell in your hands. Position your arms towards your waist so that your palms are forwards by picking the barbell up until it reaches your shoulder height.

  2. Slowly lower back the barbell to the starting position. Continue the repetition to the required number of reps.


  • Barbell Biceps curls are a great exercise for strengthening the biceps and forearms. This exercise is performed with barbell equipment by lifting it in upwards direction and slowly lowering down it to the starting position.  Before you proceed, you should be slightly strong while lifting it up.
  • Main muscles targeted
    • Biceps
      • Forearms (additional muscles)
      • Other info
        • Exercise type: Strength
        • Equipment required: Barbell
        • Mechanics Type: Isolation
        • Level: Beginners   and Force Type: Pull


  • In the beginning, keep smaller plates for easy and fast performance. Then slowly increment your plates after a few reps, you will feel relaxed.
  •  While performing this exercise, make sure that you are not cutting the movement pattern short at all.
  • To make this exercise advance, you can increase the weight of the Barbell that you use.


  • Do not take support from any third party. E.g. the wall.
  • Do not perform Barbell biceps exercise if you have the problem in your hand.
  • Do not directly jump to higher weights, you may harm your muscle.

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