Back Cable Curls exercise  


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  1. Grasp the cable curl bar with your palms, stand with your torso close with elbows

  2. Keep your upper arms stationary, raise forearms and pull the cable curl bar to the upward direction and also make sure your palm should be facing shoulder. Afterward slowly lower the curl back to the original position by squeezing the biceps.


  • Cable Curls is one of the most important and basic exercises that helps to shape the upper arms, biceps peak.
  • Cable curls exercise is not a mass exercise, Cable Curls exercise shapes the biceps.
  • This exercise can also be performed with barbells, but using cables is a good choice for constantly strengthening your muscles.
  • Main Muscles Targeted
    • Biceps Brachii
    • Mechanics Type: Isolated
    • Force Type:  Pull


  • Keep your movements balanced and controlled while performing Cable Curls exercise.
  • Keep your elbows to your sides in order to keep apart from the biceps. Cable Curls will provide you more comfort while performing this exercise.
  • You can also use an E-Z barbell or single handles to perform Cable Curls exercise movement.


  • Do not take support for your back from any third party things to help you to raise the weight.
  • Do not perform Cable Curls exercise in a wrong way.
  • Do not perform Cable Curls exercise rapidly. Keep your body movement balance and control.

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