Back Barbell Biceps Curls exercise  


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  1. Stand up and hold a barbell with your both hands. Keep your upper arms stationary, curl the barbell while contracting your biceps.

  2. Slowly lift the barbell while contracting your biceps. Keep raising the barbell until your biceps are fully contracted, the barbell should be at shoulder level.

    Slowly lower the barbell back to the starting position. Repeat the desired number of reputations.


  • Curl exercise is very effective for your biceps brachii( located on the front part of the arm between the shoulder and the elbow).
  • Keep your back straight while lifting the barbell.
  • Biceps curl can also be done using other equipment like Dumbbell, Cable machine, Biceps curling machine, Preacher bench, Adjustable bench.
  • Targeted Muscles:
    • Biceps
  • Additional Muscles:
    • Forearm flexors 


  • Take 3 seconds to lift the barbell and 3 seconds to release it.
  • Concentrate on your biceps muscles and perform 2-3 times a day with different timings.
  • Perform this exercise in slow motion, avoid jerking the barbell as you raise and lower it.
  • To make curl exercise more challenging, you can perform a reverse grip curl.


  • Do not use too heavyweight. There could be a chance of dropping it, especially on your foot.
  • Do not shrug your shoulders when lifting the bar. It may harm your shoulders.
  • Remember to perform this exercise correctly.

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