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  1. Stand up straight with your torso erect and hold dumbbells on your sides with arms straight. For comfort you can slightly bent your knees.

  2. While keeping your elbows in, slowly raise the dumbbells up towards your chest.  Hold both dumbbells for 2/4 seconds then slowly lower down the dumbbells to the starting position. keeping your focus on your biceps.


  • Hammer curl exercise is an effective exercise for your biceps and forearms. It helps you to strengthen your biceps and elbow joints.
  • You need only one equipment to perform this exercise that is dumbbells. By the way, there are many hummer curl variations which you can try out which may require different types of equipment.
  • Hammer curl exercise is similar to seated dumbbell curl, except in hammer curl you lift the right one and then the left for one repetition.
  • Targeted Muscles:
    • Biceps
  • Additional muscles:
    • Forearm flexors


  • Raise your dumbbells to the shoulder level. And keep your head up along with your elbow stationary throughout the exercise. You have to move your forearms.
  • Keep your back straight and tighten your core muscles.
  • To make this exercise easy, you can perform hummer curl when seated on a bench with a back support.
  • To make this exercise advance, you can increase the weight of the dumbbells you use.


  • Do not perform this exercise incorrectly, Potential injuries to your back and elbows may occur. To be safe keep your back straight and pull the dumbbells only with your arms.
  • Do not performing this exercise more then 15-25 reputations at once
  • Do not perform hammer curl exercise rapidly. Keep your body movement balance and control.

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