Back Handstand push-up exercise  


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  1. Find a wall to take support for your leg. Take off your shoes to avoid dirty marks on your wall. Face the wall and place your hands on the floor in such a way that your fingerprints are your foot.

  2.  Lower down slowly so that your head touches the floor. Stop and hold yourself for few seconds.

  3. Finally push back to handstand.


  • For a genuine handstand, perform this exercise in free standing position, legs held in the air.
  • At first, handstand may seem more difficult. But they are not bad if you work up to them properly and regularly.
  • Handstand push-up lifts almost 100% body weight of yours, whereas normal pushups holds average of 60%.
  • Muscles targeted
    •  Triceps brachii 


  • Once your legs are up, you should   hold this handstand position for at least 20 seconds before starting your pushup works.
  • Special attention needed, when your legs are up. Bending your knees or arching your back may drops you down and hurt your spotter


  • Do not perform this exercise if you less confidence and if you are not in best shape. You may hurt yourself or others standing nearby you.


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