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Step 1Step 1 for exercise L-sit

  1. Find a parallettes and grab on its handle with your hands.

    Held your torso slightly forward-leaning orientation and rest your body weight on the hands for a certain amount of time by positioning your legs horizontally to forms a right angle with your torso.


  • L-sit helps to develop huge amount of isometric core strength and performed with both arms locked out at the sides.
  • L-sit can be performed without any equipment. Generally people perform L-sit using paralettes, 2 chairs, or even between 2 boxes.
  • You can perform L-sit in the comfort of your own home or at the gym. It is up to you either you do it in home or gym.


  • Try to hold your hands on paralettes for long period of time. Generally 1minuate.
  • For right result focus on performing l-sit 3 times a week.
  • Pictures speak a thousand words, watch the picture carefully to see how the L-sit should look when it is perform correctly.


  • Do not perform L-sit, if you have injury in your hands.

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