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  1. Place yourself in the prone position by resting on slightly bended arms and extended legs. Lower yourself by bending your arms until they touch the ground. Raise the trunk by contracting the chest muscles.

  2. Rotate the torso and extend your arm upward, to form a “T”. And finally lower your arms and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement with other arm.


  • Push up and rotation are the best exercise for strengthen your Pectoralis , Abdominal oblique muscles , Rectus abdominis muscle, Quadratus lumbrum.
  • Push up and rotation is an advance variation of traditional push-up.
  • The only equipment needed for push up and rotation is a mat.


  • Keep your legs fully extended while keeping your posture slowly lower and chest to the floor, and make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together at the time of flexing yourchest.
  • Inhale while lowering yourself towards ground. And Exhale after you raised your trunk.
  • Keep your body straight throughout the exercise. And do not lower your hips during rotation.
  • At top position rotate your torso at ninety degree and reach with your extended arm towards to the ceiling. Perform on the alternate side with each rep and return to the starting position. Repeat with other sides too.
  • Recommended repetition
    • Beginners:      4 reps & 4 sets
    • Intermediate: 8 reps & 4 sets
    • Advanced:      16reps & 4 sets


  • Avoid lowering your hips during rotation.  Make sure to make your body straight and arm extended upward to form a “T” shape.
  • Avoid performing push up and rotation if you experience any joint or bone pain, chest pain or tightness.

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