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  1. Lock your elbows, lie flat against the floor with your hands about shoulder apart. And your body should be parallel to the ground.

  2. Make your body tight. Slowly lower down your body so that your chest touches to the floor. In this way your torso, legs and hips makes a straight line parallel to the ground. Raise yourself back up by squeezing your chest/breast muscles. Repeat for the recommended number of reps.


  • Push-ups or floor dip  is a common calisthenics exercise which targets  your  pectoral muscles ,triceps and anterior deltoids
  • Push-ups can be done without any equipment and practically anywhere.
  • Variations of push-ups includes
    • Planche push-ups          
    • Knuckle push-ups
    • Maltese push-ups
    • Hindu Push-upsBackhand push –ups


  • Use wall mirror to check your body form while performing push-ups.
  • You can use a mat to make push-ups more comfortable.
  • Keep your body tight and rigid with your torso in plank position.
  • To make push-ups advance, put your feet up slightly higher.
  • Try advance pushups if you are able to do 4 sets of 20-25 complete standard/regular push-ups without sweat.


  • Never bend your hips or neither position your butt in air. 
  • Do not do two days regular push-ups in a row. Take proper rest after performing pushups.
  • Do not perform Push-ups if you have lower back pain.  

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