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Step 1Step 1 for exercise Ring dip

  1. Hold the ring and pull yourself by locking your arms in order to push your upper body is above the rings. Place your feet in front of you on any supporting prop which is lower than yours waist.

  2. Keep your arms locked and lower yourself downwards by extending your hands to your side.

  3. Lift yourself back to the initial position. Hence you completed one reps of Ring dip exercise.


  • Ring Cross Dip primarily targets your shoulders and also in lesser amount it targets the chest, traps, biceps, abs, lats.
  • Rings is the only one primarily equipment you need.
  • Variation of Ring Cross Dip is Ring-Dip. Even there are many others variation of Ring Cross dip.


  • To make Ring Cross Dip Challenging remove the supporting device from your legs.
  • You should control your weight while going down and bringing it up.
  • Keep the rings close to your body throughout this exercise.


  • Do not perform  if you have less confidence on yourself.
  • As a beginner do not perform more quickly. Make your movement control.

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