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  1. Grab the rope with your hands above your height. Pull the rope downwards by raising your body upwards.

  2. Wrap the rope with your one leg for support. Stretch up your arm as high as possible by holding the rope tightly.

  3. Raise yourself up by releasing the rope from your feet. Bring your knees towards your chest.

    Rearrange your feet on the rope as before. Repeat until you reach the top of rope. To come back on the floor, loose the grip of your feet on the rope and slide down using your hand.

  • Rope climbing is great exercise to strengthen your biceps muscles.
  • You need a rope which is tightly held on some device.
  • Main muscles targeted
    • Biceps
  • Secondary muscles
    • Shoulders, Forearms, Back, Abdominals

  • For easier and faster climbing, make use of your legs and feet.
  • Be careful while lowering down, lower down slowly.
  • You can wear tall socks or tall pants to avoid rope burn.

  • If you have less confidence, don’t directly jump onto the rope. Take extra time to get a good “lock “with your feet and legs.
  • Be careful of falling. Have a spotter.
  • Do not use a wet/slippery rope.

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