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  1. Stand up with your feet together and hands down by the side. The up phase of your feet should come apart and hands come all the way up over your head. Return back to the starting position by jumping.

  2. Hence, jumping jack is jumping up, hands and feet out, and back together to starting position is one complete repetition. Begin by performing five repetitions and gradually increase  up to ten, fifteen and twenty.


  • Jumping jacks is one of the greatest exercise which strengthen your upper body, lower body and vascularrevascularization.
  • Jumping jacks do not need any equipment.
  • You can use jumping jacks as warm up exercise which mainly focus on your shoulder and on your hips.


  • A lot of people have tendency to not move their shoulders for a full range of motion by just bending at the elbow, try to work through a full range of motion, arms all the way up all the way down.
  • Legs should stay in rhythm with the hands in moving forward and that’s the basic jumping jacks.
  • While landing keep your knees slightly flex away.


  • Do not let your legs shrink in while jumping.
  • Intensive Jumping jacks is not recommended for person who is overweight or having knee problems.


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