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  1. Stand straight on your feet with hands on your side.

  2. Drop down into lunge spine, make sure that your knees does not go over your toes and make it in ninety degree angle.

  3. Breathe out and push up with your toes to come back. Touch your feet together when you stand, similarly perform with your opposite leg. Perform for recommended number of repetitions.


  • Walking lunges is a fantastic exercise for your cardio, abdominal and legs.
  • You can also grab some dumbbells on your sides and Stand with your legs with shoulder width apart.



  • Keep your arms straight, abs tight, back straight and neck should be in natural spine whole time.
  • Try to make big step to get more effect of doing lunges.
  • Perform 20 steps by alternating your legs.



  • Do not put more stress on your knees.  
  • Avoid keeping your heel off the ground.
  • Do not carry very heavy dumbbells.

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