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  1. Stand between two pulleys and grasp handle with each hand. Step forward with your arm straight and hands below the waist. Step forward until the weights are slightly lifted. This shall be your starting position.

  2. Slowly bring your hands upward by slightly bending your hands towards the midline of your body. Bring the handle towards your chest with your palms facing upwards. Return to your starting position after a brief pause.


  • The cable crossover is a great chest exercise as it stretches the pectorals from the starting position and helps to make your muscles fit and strong. 
  • There are few variations for cable crossover which includes high cable crossover, middle cable crossover, and low cable crossover. 
  • Recommended repetitions are minimum 10-15. The main key is to burn out the muscle which works best with these minimum repetitions. For convenience, you can use lighter weights.
  • Other Info:
    • Exercise Type:  Strength
    • Main muscles targeted:  Chest (pectorals both major & minor)
    • Secondary Muscles:  Shoulders
    • Equipment: Cable
    • Level:  Beginner


  • Use Different range of Motion as this helps to break down muscle fibers. You can feel a stretch in your pecs at the start of a movement, then contract as you bring down your hands together.
  • Keep your shoulder back, Chest out and heads up as you continue the exercise. You can remove some weight if you feel heavy.  
  • Keep your arms straight. Keeping your arms slightly bend makes exercise slightly easier but it also makes it a lot less effective.
  • Maintaining a good form is the key point for this exercise. Focus on feeling your pecs during the exercise. 


  • Don’t bend your arms. If you have a problem use lighter weights.
  • Don’t change the angle of your arms


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