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  1. Lie on the flat bench with your face facing upward and lift  a dumbbell in each hands.  Push the dumbbells on upward direction with your arms directly over your shoulders and palms facing away from your face. 


  2. Bring the dumbbells down and to the side until your elbows are slightly below your shoulders. Repeat for required amount of repetitions.


  • The Dumbbell Bench press is a great exercise which  helps for developing the pectoral muscles.
  • This exercise is one of the best exercise to get a symmetrical upper body because individual arms are lifting same weight.
  • Basic Info:
    • Exercise Type:  Strength
    • Main muscles targeted:  Chest 
    • Secondary muscles targeted:Shoulders, Triceps
  • Equipment: Dumbbell
    • Equipment: Dumbbell
    • Level:  Beginner


  • Maintain control of dumbbells  during the entire exercise.
  • Maintain natural arch of your back in order to give a  slight gap between your lower back and the bench.
  • Make good form and lift weight as much as you can handle.


  • Do not lift your shoulder blades off the bench and even do not allow your elbow to be locked.
  • Do not twist or bend your body in order to lift some extra weights.

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