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  1. Stand straight and bend your arms slightly at your sides, this movement is exactly same like sprinting action. Bring your knees up high toward your chest as quickly as possible and combine with alternating arm action. The key to this exercise is speed and high lifting your knees.


  • The high knee is an aggressive warm-up and cardiovascular exercise which will help you to improve your cardiovascular endurance.
  • Position your feet shoulder-width apart, run in place driving your knees up as high as possible. Make sure to bring your ankle up and over your knee.  Keep your ankle at 90 degrees.


  • Be sure to move quickly and smoothly. And stay on the balls of your feet. During the movement, your ankle should go up and over your opposite knee.
  • Your arm movement will be the same as if you are running, knee comes up and opposite hand goes up.
  • Variation of high knees: You can also perform as the soccer player do it by keeping your hands up in front and go on hit your knee by your hands.   
  • Engage your core. And do this exercise for 10 yards as many repetitions as you can, return doing the same thing for total 20 yards.


  • Avoid performing High knees, if you have any leg problem or leg pain.

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