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  1. Before performing Leg extension, most important thing is to set the machine correctly, back of your knee and top of your calf should be right against the bench so you do not need to become too far with your back wrist or too far forward. Also, the height of the pad needs to be bottom of the machine, not to the feet and not too high up. So it’s crucial that the machine should set up correctly.

  2. Slowly move down and contract one second at the top, squeeze the muscle and three seconds on the way down. On this, you will be just working on Quadriceps.


  • Leg extension is an isolation movement for the quad.
  • To get the most benefits from leg extension make sure to complete the full range of motion by raising the weight up and lowering the weight down.



  • Make sure to pause for one second while your leg is at the top and 3 seconds when you pull your leg down. You can perform 4-6 repetition.
  • Make the movement slow and control.



  • Your butt should not come too far out of the extension machine seat.
  • Do not perform on the rush or too fast. You should have control of the movement.
  • Do not bend your feet. Keep your feet straight as you perform the exercise.


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