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  1. Walkup to the chair with chair-sit facing in front of you.

  2. You should be 2 feet away from the chair. Next, take your right foot, step up and continue looking all the straight ahead and then stay back down. Similarly, switch legs, step back up and come down.


  • Step-up onto the chair is an exercise for balance and improving the strength of your lower body, quadriceps, glutes, and the hamstring. And which works your lot of leg muscles.
  • Helps to lose weight and maintain health as well as balanced weight.


  • Make sure to choose a chair or bench which are about knee level and very stable so you don’t fall over.
  • Make sure to push up powerfully with your one leg while at the same time the other leg up on the chair.


  • Do not perform in a rapid manner, there may be chances of getting hurt.

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