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  1. Foot  placement can be a variation for Sumo squat, your toes out to the right and left slightly, shoulder width apart

  2. Hands in front of your body, Keep your chest and head high and your back straight. Squat down nice and low, Breathe in and breathe out inhale you go down and exhale when you stand alright.


  • Sumo squat helps to develop strong quadriceps and a great lower body foundation.
  • Sumo squat helps for your flexibility.
  • Make sure to press your hamstring and gluts before you lift the weight.


  • Hold on to the bar using both arms at each side with the same force on the barbell.
  • You can also perform this exercise by using a weight belt in between the legs.
  • Make the movement slow and under control.


  • Need to be cautious if u have any limiting knee or back condition

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