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  1. Sit on the bench with feet planted firmly on the ground.  

  2. Slowly rotate the Dumbbells out until your palms are facing out at the top range of motion and rotate them back to the position at the bottom.

  3. Finally at the end, dismiss the rotation nicely and smoothly.


  • Arnold press is a great shoulder exercise made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.
  • Arnold press targets your shoulder, the front deltoid, the middle and the real deltoid as well.


  • The best way to perform Arnold press is by unlocking your elbows when it is down and while going up you will lock your elbows by bringing the tension from your shoulder to the elbows, in this way you can make this exercise easier.
  • For advance users, you want to make sure that you do not lock your elbows. In this way you can keep the tension in your shoulders.
  • The prefer way of performing Arnold press is by not locking your elbows and by keeping tension in your shoulder.
  • Perform 8-10 reps.


  • Do not perform incorrectly. Long term injuries to arms, back and shoulder may happen.
  • Do not flex your back to help yourself for lifting the barbell.

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