Back Bent over Side-Literal raise exercise  


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  1. Get some dumbbells in your hands, stand straight and look forward. Now position your feet about shoulder width apart and maintain slight bent of your knees and keep a neutral spine also keep your head facing down.

  2. Arch your back, once you be in this position. Then bring your arms forward and hold the dumbbells straight, slightly bent your elbows. And simply keep your shoulder pinch together and bring your arms up and back down.  Repeat for the recommended amount of reps.


  • Bent over side-literal raise is a fantastic shoulder exercise which targets your deltoid and lateral.
  • Bent over side-literal raise can also be performed by sitting on the flat bench. For beginner it is better to perform "bent over side-literal raise" in the seated variety.        
  • Bent over side-literal raise needs an isolated mechanics and force type is pull.



  • Person with lower back problems can perform seated variety of bent over side literal raise, which is performed by sitting in a flat bench.
  • Keep your core tight while   bringing your arms up.
  • Keep the movement control.



  • Do not raise and drop your arms so quickly. Always pause for 1 seconds after raising your arms up.
  • Potential injuries to you shoulder and back can happen if bent over side-literal raises performed incorrectly.


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