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  1. Hold a barbell tightly, push with palms and push it through your head. You need to raise it from your neck.

  2. You will be exaggerating the head movement. Because is essentially pressed through your head so you're pushing the bar in a straight line by your hands in a way.  It means to push the bar in a straight line by simply moving your head.


  • Military press is also known as barbell shoulder press or overhead press that actually you have to master if you want to build big shoulders and your bench press.
  • You can perform military press with a variety of way. One by sitting on a bench with back support and another in a standing position.
  • Main muscles targeted: 
    • anterior and middle deltoids
    • upper trapezius
  •  Secondary muscles targeted:
    • Triceps


  • Keep your elbows slightly flare out at the end of the overhead press.
  • Before lifting the bar, make sure the bar should be underneath elbows.
  • Squeeze the biceps while lifting the bar because your body has to be tight.


  • The terrible shape of the shoulder can be seen if the Military press is performed incorrectly.
  • Do not do this exercise, If you do not have the proper shoulder mobility or if it hurts your shoulder while pressing.

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