Back Spine twist exercise  


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  1. Stand straight with your feet width apart. Stretch your hand on your sides.

  2. Now start rotating your upper body pulses. Rotate little bit more, then again rotate little bit more and finally exhale back to center. Similarly repeat for the both sides about 5 to 6 times.


  • Spine twist is a very good stretching exercise which warm up your back, waist, and abdominal muscles.
  •  In short you have to just follow 
    • You have to just rotateupper body little bit, then
    • Stop and turn little bit to a side,
    • Again turn little bit more and finally back to center.


  • Spine twist also adds stregthen your to lower back muscles.
  • Your feet should remain on the same place throughout the exercise.


  • Do not press your shoulder up, no tension on the upper trapezius muscle.
  • Be careful if you have or had back injury.

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