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  1. Lie down on the bench and place the weight directly under your head.

  2. Lower the weight towards your forehead, carefully keep your elbow from moving. Next, straighten your arm under control using the full range of motion.


  • Lying triceps extension is also known as the Skull Crusher or French Press. Lying triceps is an advanced exercise which helps to isolates your triceps muscles along with Forearm flexors muscles.
  • Lying triceps extension exercise may harm your elbows if performed incorrectly, so if you are a beginner or having some problem with your elbows then be careful.


  • The key point is to keep your elbow steady and under control to isolate the triceps muscle.
  • Exhale as you get to the top on each rep.
  • You can hold either a pair of dumbbell or a barbell.
  • Elbows should always stay close to the body. Just movement from the elbows is required.
  • Your head should be in stationary position, do not raise your head off from the bench.


  • Do not perform very rapidly. The movement should be slow and under control.
  • Do not move your whole arms in order to lower the weight. To do this just bend from your elbow joints.
  • Do not bend your wrists in order to support yourself to lift the weight.

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