Back Triceps dip on chair exercise  


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  1. Take a seat on the chair for starting position. For an easy variation, you will rotate your palms so they are facing away from your body. Scoot your hips out and keep your heels out in front of you.

  2. As your heels go out, you will drop your weight by keeping your back as close to the chair as possible and then back up.


  • Triceps dip is a simple exercise which can be performed almost anywhere any place like home, office, hotel room, pretty much anywhere and gives you lots of results very quickly.
  • Triceps dip on the chair is a wonderful triceps exercise which helps to strengthen your triceps muscles along with Chest, Shoulders muscles. You need a chair to perform this exercise.


  • Ideally while performing Triceps dip, you will come down until your arms are about 90-degree angle.
  • If you have any shoulder or joint pain you can variant Triceps dip exercise as needed, so in this case, you will go down just little bit and then back up. Make sure to keep your torso very straight.
  • To make Triceps dip movement advance, you can place another chair or bench in front of you and put your feet on it, it’s going to take all your weight and center it across the two chairs, which will actually make this movement heavier and advance.


  • Do not perform in a rapid manner, there may be chances of getting hurt.
  • Be careful if you have or had back injury.

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