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Step 4 for exercise Hang snatch

  1. Pick up the bar using an overhead squat grip & your hands goes wide like you are doing hands overhead squat. 

  2. When you lift bar, push your butt back and get the bar to the middle part of thigh, no lower than that. Once you position on this, make good tight on the back with your chest up.

  3. As soon as bar reaches to your waist, lower the bar to your knees where bar was start by back your hips up.

  4. Bring the bar straight up by holding in both hands.


  • Hang Snatch is Olympic Weightlifting exercise which targets your main muscle Hamstrings and Other Muscles includes: Abdominals, Calves, Quadriceps, Shoulders, Traps, Forearms, Glutes, and Lower Back.
  •  Hang Snatch is great for increasing shoulder mobility.


  • Just like any other power move, when you receive bar the hips must be position above the knees.
  • Movements starts by jumping and explosively opening the hips, shrugging the shoulders as far as traveling overhead it can stay tight to the body.
  • When you receive bar overhead, your feet are going to be in landing instance, with your elbows completely locked overhead.
  • Make sure to have wide grip on bar, at least outside of the Rings on bar right near edges.
  • Notice your speed, you will be jumping and shrugging the weight over your head.


  • Do not position the bar below your knees when you lifted the bar.
  • Do not catch bar with softness, bar may come out of your hands. You should be pushing it nicely and hard.

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