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Step 4

Step 4 for exercise Medicine cleans

  1. Flat back, get down, get good dead lifting with arms straight. Only thing is to move your hips.

  2. Deadlift the medicine ball by touching down between the heels and keeping your knees wide of the angle with back arch, head natural and arms straight.

  3. Drive off to fully open hips position, as the ball goes up your finger should still be facing down.

  4. Approach at the top and dropping the medicine ball and landing in the squat position with your finger facing upward. And finally return to the hip.


  • Medicine ball clean is a skill transfer movement which targets your Shoulders.
  • The medicine ball clean is a cardiovascular, and total body exercise that targets your quads and secondarily it also targets your groin, traps, shoulders, and abs.


  • When you land in the squat position, your hips should reach below the knee.
  • Stand in the Shoulder-width posture with Ball between the feet with palms on the ball.
  • Make sure to extend your hips rapidly.   
  • Complete at full hip and knee extension with the ball at the rack position


  • Do not curl the ball up the rack position.

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