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Step 4

Step 4 for exercise Power snatch

  1. Feet directly under your hips and wide grip on the bar. Butt down ,chest up and arms   straight and bend your knees little bit so that bar will seems to be rest on your laps, put your shoulder back ,weight will be flat on your feet.

  2. Pop the bar to the hips right over the head and over the ears. 

  3. And lower the bar back down , back down to the knees just like we do in power clean

  4. Pick the bar up and finally return to a standing position with the weight over your head.


  • Power snatch is an Olympic Weightlifting exercise which targets your main muscles Hamstrings and other muscles such as Calves, Gluts, Lower Back, Quadriceps, Shoulders, Traps, and Triceps.
  • Variation of power snatch can be 2-position power snatch which is combination of power snatch and hang snatch power snatch.


  • When the bar push back on your hips, you should fully extend your body and you will be pulling yourself under the bar. That means you will NOT be pulling the bar up on the arms.
  • As you stand you have to bring the bar up and close to the body, Important here is to pull yourself under the bar still.
  • Jump when the bar reached nearer to the pocket. And finish by standing.


  • Avoid if you have back problems.

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