Frequently asked questions


1.  Is this app  is  free?

      Yes, 100% totally free for everyone.


 2  Which browser should I use while accessing A fitness trainer?

   A FITNESS TRAINER run perfectly on the following browsers:

  • Firefox 4 (or latest)
  • Internet Explorer  8 (or latest)
  • Safari   4 (or latest)
  • Chrome


3. How long should i rest between sets?

This really depends upon person to person. But generally, you may want to rest between 30 seconds and 3 minutes between each set or between exercises.


4. Can i follow workouts shown on this website?

Yes , you can. Those workouts shown on this website are selected by higly trained gym member.  But i still suggest you to read disclaimer of this website before performing any exercise plan.


5. Are there any routine portability option exists on this website?

Yes, Please follow this link, and register a new account for yourself which you can access it directly from anywhere.


6. Do you have questions/suggestions/problems to share?

Thanks! Please follow this link, to send your query. You will get reply within 24 hours.


7. Is the application available in my language?

As of now this application is available in English only.