Back Twist Crunch exercise  


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  1. Press your lower back on the ground and lift your one shoulder towards any of the direction. Your feet should elevate to the ground.

  2. Lift your shoulder off from the ceiling, twist your shoulder to the opposite side. Make sure that your knees are touching to your chest. 


  • Twist crunches are an easy way for strengthening the stomach and creating flat abdominal muscles. The major reason for strengthening your abdominal muscles is to make your abdominal young.
  •  People with back pain can fold a towel or use it on their back. These type of exercise also keeps your back strong and healthy.
  • Being a beginner, one should do it slowly and carefully. Twist crunches exercise uses the isolation mechanism, one may use a cable to hold one's legs and keep elbows tight when performing this exercise.



  • Never touch your shoulder edge while performing Twist crunches.
  • One may perform this exercise comfortably on the bed or use baggy clothes.
  • After doing some crunches you may stop a while to relax and do it again.
  • In case, if you feel pain in your neck, you need to consult to a physiotherapist
  • Main Muscle Targeted:
    • Side Abdominal Muscles
    • Front Abdominal Muscles 



  • Don't do too many crunches at once, it may harm you.
  • Do not do it if you know that you are doing it in the wrong ways. You will get habits of this.
  • Never leave your lower back from the mat or ceiling.

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