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  1. Sit down on the edge of a flat bench. Your legs should be spread slightly apart with your feet firmly fixed on the floor.

  2. Pick the dumbbell with your right arm, rest your elbow on the right leg for support. Slowly curl the dumbbell forwards to your shoulders. Make sure to keep your upper arms stationary while raising the dumbbell.


  • Concentration curls exercise is an effective exercise to improve your biceps (upper arm muscles) and to fully isolate the biceps. You can achieve these benefits only if you perform this exercise correctly.
  • You can perform one repetition of this exercise within 30-40 seconds, do 3 sets and in each set perform 12-15 repetitions of this exercise.
  • Once you completed this exercise, you will feel severe pain on your biceps between 24 and 48 hours. No need to worry, this means you are getting an effect of this exercise on your muscles, your biceps are becoming stronger and longer.
  • Basic Info
    • Exercise Type:  Strength
    • Main muscles targeted:  Biceps (Upper arm muscles)
    • Secondary Muscles:  Forearms
    • Equipment: Dumbbell
    • Level:  Beginner
    • Force Type: pull


  • To make exercise easier, you can use lightweight, similarly to make this exercise advance you can lift heavy weights.
  • This exercise requires good concentration, so for better focus do this exercise at the end of the biceps training.
  • Use a bench to feel comfortable and to maintain a better posture, although the bench is not a mandatory tool for this exercise.
  • Do this exercise regularly and follow the exercise instructions carefully.


  • People with back problem or week/injured elbows should not perform this exercise.
  • Do not lift heavy weight at once, it may be dangerous. There will be the chance of dropping dumbbells on your foot.
  • Do not lift down the dumbbells quickly from your chest.
  • Do not do continuously more than 15-25 reputations at once.

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