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  1. Move your torso forward, bend your knees slightly while keeping your back straight, and hold a barbell with thumbs at the top of the bar (reverse grip) while standing erect.

  2. Raise the barbell up just below your chest as you breathe out, squeeze your back muscles (shoulder blades) together at the top of the movement. Slowly lower the bar (weight) again to the starting position.


  • Reverse grip rows exercise is alternative to barbell rows, Reverse Grip Rows is one of the most important and basic exercise that not only helps to strengthen the middle back but also the lower parts of traps and lats.
  • Your knee should be bent, your back must be straight and your back muscles should squeeze at the end of pulling motion.
  • Recommended repetitions are 10-15 repetitions per reps, but if you like to make this exercise challenging you can perform 20-21 repetitions.
  •  Main muscles Targeted
    • Middle Back
  •  Secondary muscles
    • Biceps, Lats, Shoulders
  •  Level:  Intermediate
  • Force type:  Pull


  • Once you pull the bar nearer to your chest, then pause for a few seconds and squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Do not take down bar quickly after lifting it, take it down in slow motion.
  • You can also perform Reverse Grip Rows exercise using dumbbells.
  • Be careful while lifting weights, if you are confused to choose the right weight for you then just use less weight rather than heavy.
  • Your back should be straight during Reverse Grip Rows entire exercise.


  • Do not perform Reverse Grip Rows exercise if you have back problem.
  • Do not take support for your back muscles from any third party materials (wall, chair, equipment)
  • Reverse Grip Rows is an Intermediate level exercise, do not perform this exercise, if you are Beginner. You should try other Beginner level exercise afterward you can come and try this exercise.

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