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  1. First thing you have to do is , begin  with your feet hip distance apart, shift way back on your heel as you are going to squat. Draw the nibble in and retract the scapula. So from this position  medicine ball will be chest level, you have to raise it over head, shifting your weight on your toes by touching the hips on the way so nibble should be drawn in at this point.

  2. Drop the chest by slamming the medicine ball seeking into the ground, so shift your weight on to your heel into the ground. Which going to be very explosive powerful movement.


  • Ball slams is a very good exercise for your cardio muscles. And works your full body specifically targeting the core muscles along with shoulders, the legs.
  • To make this exercise (ball slams) harder, you can carry heavy ball.


  • Keep in mind when you slam a ball, your weight should be shifted backward on your heel. It’s okay to lift up your toes little bit, which means you are shifting your weight onto your heel.
  • Your knee should be staying behind your toes as you slam the ball.
  • Catch the ball tightly to ensure it does not slip from your hand.
  • Keep the movement fast and catch the ball on the first bounce.



  • When you slam a ball, do not come forward.
  • During elongation point, hands over head. Do not arch your back but be in the full extended position before you contact the muscles.

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