Back Sumo Deadlift exercise  


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  1. Begin the exercise by approaching the bar with a wide stance, your toe should be close to the colors of the bar and pointing away from your body. You can use overhand grip or switch grip when performing the exercise.

  2. As you lower the body and grab the barbell be sure to keep your chest up and push your knees out. As you begin to lift the bar at your knees, lean back and drive your hips as you push your heels. Once you reach the top lower the bar back to the ground in controlled manner.


  • Sumo deadlift also known as wide stance deadlift. When compare with traditional deadlift , you are still going to target your gluts ,quads and lower back but this exercise will put more emphasis  on your hamstrings and also goanna be working  on your hip strength as well.
  • Another benefit of sumo deadlift is going to put less stress  in your  lower back.


  • Make sure your hands are directly on your shoulder while lifting barbell. If you grab the barbell with your hands too close to your torso, your stomach is going to put your elbows forward as you perform the lift.
  • It’s very important to keep your core tight in the entire lift by taking inner breadth before each rep.


  • Make sure to keep your shoulders natural in low as possible as bar has to travel as short as possible.
  • Make sure that you are only lifting the bar, by pushing through your hips.


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