Back Dumbbell Shrug exercise  


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  1. Grab dumbbells and pick them straight up. Keep your feet close together, arch your back slightly and keep your shoulder blades together, pinch them whole time throughout the exercise.

  2. Make neutral spine, and breathe out while your shoulder is up. And after a pause of 1 second move your shoulder blades down. Make sure you pinch the shoulder whole time.


  • Dumbbell shrug is a fantastic exercise for your trapezius muscles also known as traps.
  • Shrug your traps and move them up as high as possible.
  • The dumbbells in this exercise should be used as a dead weight.     You don’t want to use your biceps or arms with this exercise.
  • Targeted Muscles:
    • Trapezius, Upper
  • Additional Muscles:
    • Trapezius, Middle
    • Elevator Scapulae
    • Erector Spinae



  • Make sure you have tightened your traps before stretching them out. Continue with this and do about 8-10 reps about 3-4 sets.
  • Use heavy weight if you want big traps. If you just want to get your traps a little bit more cut up, you might want to just use light weight and high reps.



  • Do not arch or bend your back and elbows.

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