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  1. Get started with just gently tilting your head to the right and just let the weight of your head stretch to the left side of your neck. And hold for a good 8 to 10 seconds.  At this moment you really stretching your left part of your neck.

  2. And next tilt your head back, again you have to just let the weight of your head stretch to your neck and again forward as well. And you should feel a stretch all at that moment. And next do head rolls, so again, nice and gently roll your head in one direction and then in the opposite.



  • Neck stretch is a very common exercise for us and helps to warm up our neck and upper shoulder muscles. We can see most of us doing this stretching once in a day either in our office or else after waking from the bed.


  • While stretching your neck, make sure your shoulder is not up by your ear and also make sure it is down by your side.
  • It's very common when you're doing neck rolls to hear some cracking or crunching, those are just tiny neck muscles releasing and relaxing. So continue rolling steps until the cracking or crunching sound stops.


  • Be very gentle and do not push or force your head too much, it could actually create a neck injury.

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