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  1. Began by placing your heels on the floor and hands on the top of the Swiss ball. Keep your arms straight and slowly bend your elbows as far as comfortably possible along with your butt descend below the level of your hands.

  2. Then reverse the direction straight to your arms and return to the starting position


  • Ball dip is a very good exercise for triceps which mainly targets your triceps muscles along with deltoids, trapezius, erector spinae and transverse abdominis. Ball dip action works for controlling stability around your joints especially your shoulders.
  • Keeping your knees bent is the easiest variation of Ball dip exercise or straightening your legs out makes thing harder.
  • To make ball dip challenging, put one leg up straight and continue doing the dip.



  • Repeat Ball Dip steps as many as you do well.
  • To make Ball dip easier, you have to bring your feet closer to the ball.
  • Make sure your elbows stay close to your body throughout the move.



  • Do not use your legs to lift your weight only use your arms.
  • Do not raise your shoulder.
  • Do not lock your elbows.

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