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  1. Position your feet directly towards the hips so that power will transfer throughout the body. Drop your butt and put your body on heels then slowly drive off the bar.

  2. Second, do deep explosion, once the bar reaches to knee from dead lift, shrug your shoulder and get the bar moving up.

  3. Third is to get bar to the rack position. And stand with the bar. Once you get your bar up on toes, keep your elbows high, get your weight under heels, slowly bend your knees, and weight back on heels and finish by bringing or dropping down the bar.


  • The prefix of power clean is simply you will land in partial squat rather than in a full squat.
  • Power clean trains your nervous system to be exploded on the ankles, at the knees, at the hips, at your core and helps you to build your traps.


  • Keep the bar close to legs while doing deadlifting.
  • Use your legs to pop the bar up, it’s really a type of jump.
  • The catch of power clean is not with your hand, you should catch with your body. Only take little support of your hand to lift the bar. Your hands should be wide open, lift your elbows so lift the elbows so that arms goes up.


  • Avoid performing Power clean, if you have a history of back and knee problems.

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