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Equipment Result

Exercise(s) performed with none equipment


Pull-up is a common exercise for military people. Helps to measure upper body strength. Cross-fit Pull-up is done by pulling one's body upward direction.


Push up is a common and basic exercise which is performed approximately everwhere.Push-ups exercises targets your pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids


Knees-to-elbows helps you to build strength in your core as well as gives you a fit figure. If knees-to-elbows performed well , it will work for all your abdominal muscles.

Reverse Grip Rows

Reverse grip rows is a great exercise for your Rectus Abdominis and great tool to strengthen your abs. Bal crunch helps to create flat stomach,hard rock abs and obliques.


Shoulder exercises helps you to make your Shoulder muscles (also known as deltoids muscle) stronger. Shoulder muscles get involved whenever you do pulling or pushing any objects.

Body Weight Squat

Body weight squat is a fantastic exercise which helps to strengthen your abs, hips, legs–calves and thighs.

Judo Pushups

Judo Push-ups is a very good exercise which helps to increase your stamina and flexibility. Also helps to strengthen your core muscles of chest.

Sprinter Situp

Sprinter Situp is not a beginners. This is a advance exercise which helps to develop your core stregth.

Arm rotation

Arm rotation is a fantastic stretching exercise which mainly focus on your shoulder muscles ,upper back muscles and along with the base of your neck.

Back extension stretch

Back extension stretching is a stretching exercise which helps to strengthen your lower back muscles along with this it also stretches your lower back and it does not need any equipment to perform.