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  1. Stand straight with your heals in line with the shoulders and toes in line with knees.

  2. With proper range of motion, slowly creep your toes forward by distributing your weight on the heel.

    Afterwards, slowly lower your hips down to the floor by laying your Torso in vertical position and your eye straight ahead.

  • In our everyday life we squat multiple times, say for example sitting in a bench and standing. Air squat is the most famous exercise among other cross fit exercises and also one of the most important fundamental movements in Cross Fit.  Air squat is performed in almost all gym every day, because most people seem satisfied with merely achieving full depth gained by performing this exercise.
  • Air squat requires an extra and special care. While performing your weight should be rooted in heels where you will be most stable in a squat. At this moment you should be able to move your toes around in the position.
  • It will be suitable if your tibia is placed perpendicular to the floor, and helps you to reduce the amount of force to the knee. 

  • For proper Air Squat, position your torso upright, weight rooted in heels and your hip should crease below the knee crease.
  • To feel more stable during squat, place your weight in heels. You should be able to move toes around in this position.
  • Try to perform 20 repetitions per sets. 

  • Do not distribute your weight on the balls of the feet. 
  • Do not forward your torso more than necessary.  In order to avoid this mistake, you can face a wall with your toes 6- 8 inches from the wall and try to squat to proper depth, without touching your face to the wall.
  • Your knees should not ‘cave in’ medially. Keep your legs patella both apart from each other. In order to fix this issue , you can distribute the weight on the outside edge of the feet and push the knees outward.

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