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  1. Lie with the front or face downward on the apparatus with your hip rested on the pad. Your feet should be placed under the padded brace for support. Similarly, place your hands on either side of your head or cross them in front of your chest. 

  2. Breathe out in a deliberate manner and gently bend your waist and try as much as possible to get your head as low to the ground. Firmly press your glutes and extend your waist to lift your torso up in order to return to the initial position.


  • CrossFit back extension are root/foundation exercise in a typical workout because it helps you to build your back, hip.
  • Main muscles targeted
    • Erector spinae(a group of back muscles)
  • Eventually Crossfit back extension are bodyweight exercises. To make it advance, You can hold a weight plate against your chest. In order to hold this plate, you can place your hands cross just over the plates. 


  • You can also perform cross fit back extension exercise by lying prone on an exercise ball.
  • To make back extension more challenging, another alternative is to hold barbell or weight plate across your shoulders.
  • Back extension are performed gently and slowly. Do not perform back extension exercise if you have back pain.
  • Your spine should remain in a straight throughout the exercise. Keep your back slightly arched.


  • Even though back extension is a simple exercise, it can lead to back pain if performed incorrectly. 
  • Do not over-arch or over-extend your back as you lift your torso up during the exercise.
  • Rounding your back can cause instability in your spine.

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