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  1. Hand from a bar by tightly holding it and keep your elbows completely straight and locked out. Keep your shoulder back and lead with your chest up.

  2. Slowly rise your body upward by holding the bar. The movement ends when your chin is above the bar.Go up for another rep and repeat the same.


  • Pull up is one of the most essential movements of cross fit. It helps to strengthen, endurance, coordination throughout the entire body.
  • Also pull up is essential part of athletic training and does not require any special equipment to perform, pull-up begins by hanging on the bar with the chest tightly to the bar.
  • There are many pull up variations such as one arm, Kipping, Chest-to-bar, and Jumping.  The standard one is "Kipping pull-up", where your target will be to pull yourself up so that your chin touches the bar.
    • One arm (Pulling bar with one hand)
    • Weighted (holding weight using dipping belt with your feet and performing standard pull-up)
    • Behind-the-neck pull up (Touching the bar with the back of the neck)


  • Do not tire yourself by registering gravity. You can practice it by time to time. But to get maximum benefit, you want to challenge yourself by taking your chin above the bar in controller manner.
  • To make Pull up cross fit challenging, try to pull your chest to the bar by fully opening the chest and pulling the shoulder back.
  • If you cannot do pull ups, you should try half pull-ups. In half pull-ups you have to bring up your chin over the bar by standing on something.
  • Remember, if your pull-ups speed slows down perceptibly then the set is over.


  • Do not perform next repetition if your current pull-ups is slower than the previous one. It’s time for rest.
  • Not suitable for people having excess body fat.   Extra body fat is good for performing more weight related exercises like the squat, deadlift.

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